Sunday, January 31, 2010

Message to the Speaker of the House

Madame Speaker,

I'm a constituent of yours and a supporter and we need you to be out front with our message.

Journalists have forgotten how to do their jobs - ask serious questions & investigate to verify veracity of the answers - so we have to do it for them. Our opponents are controlling the message getting to America's voters and we/you have to stop that.

David Gregory says he's been asking you for an interview for more than a year & you've declined while Newt Gingrich has appeared on Meet the Press innumerable times. This is not smart.

We need you to appear on TV programs like MTP so you can push back against the lies put out there by people like Mitch McConnell and the other side. This morning he said that Democrats plan to make $500m in cuts to Medicare insurance. That's not true and unless you are there to call him on it, the public will believe him. We need you to say publicly that what Republicans are saying is not true; no diplomatic bull, just call them on it. Please counter the attacks.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dont stop your bitchin, but Fight Positively!

Ok,Ok, we are all pissed at things right now, and rightly so. I wont even mention all the reasons because you know, and I dont want to get off track.
In order to affect Change, we need to offer solutions, so here goes: Put your money where your mouth is! The Religious "Right" does it all the time! Many Republicans do this! They spend their money at places whose principles match theirs! Plain and Simple! This should have been one of our mantras all along, like it has been for them, because IT WORKS!
I used to follow at least weekly before the 2004 election and was very excited that we had that site going for us, but now its gone -
We need "Big Help" in this area right now! We need to put our heads together! Lets research and plan an avenue to fight. We cant just bitch about things going wrong-Lets Fight with companies that are already fighting for our principles, or for whom at least act in most ways we can agree with! You have a choice almost everyday who you support with your money. We do not want to give our money to people or companies who do all the wrong things and give their money to Republican causes. We have to know who these people and companies are! You are probably supporting them now with things you buy everyday!
With the Supreme court decision yesterday, "putting you money where your mouth is" is not only important, but a necessity for our survival.
For all the "Purists" out there: If you needed to buy something and merchant "A" gave 80% of their donations to Republican(or conservative) causes, and Merchant "B" gave 50% equally to both Republican(conservative) and Liberal causes, it a No-Brainer, correct? If not, hit me up with a reply or a tweet. We need to find or start a mercant database for our CHOICE to put our money where our bitchin is!
Email -

Friday, January 15, 2010

We are paying the price for a Weak Media

Before Kieth Olbermann came on the scene, there was virtually No Mainstream journalists who took on Rush Limbaugh, or any of the Right Wingers on Talk Radio, for which they were able to take over to a large extent. Limbaugh's "liberal hate" and his hate for professional journalism was allowed to fester throughout the entire United States. Don't get me wrong, we have always had many, many professional journalists in America, we just haven't had a lot of professional journalists with any balls.
Nothing makes me angrier than a TV or newspaper reporter making a comparison to Limbaugh with liberal leaning reporters such as Rachel Maddow or Kieth Olbermann. After over two decades of unchallenged, unreported, and non-stop propaganda coming from Conservative radio talk shows, the media has a Gall to finally come out of the woodwork to challenge people for whom are doing the very work that they should have been doing for over two decades!
Limbaugh, almost from the start of his radio career in 1984, has preached about "Liberal Media Bias" which is a fantasy of his that he was able to relay almost unchallenged. In 1988, his radio show went national, and so did his preaching.
This, among other insidious messages Rush Limbaugh spouted throughout the national airwaves took a toll on the liberal community. In 2003, a Pew Poll showed a majority of Democrats believed their was a "Liberal bias" in the mainstream media. Ironically, this was the same year that a large majority of Americans thought that Saddam Hussein perpetrated the 911 attacks.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Transition time

Ok all, or the 1 or 2 that may actually stumble upon me,
Tonight isnt a good night mainly because Haiti got hit with a bad one, w/more lives lost.
I do think we are all getting somewhere w/twitter though, as I think its an important new media tool. Media is already changing because of it, but I just wish more people would partake. Yes, I have read polls saying members are stalled, and especially in my family. I am the only one who sees any benefit! I just wrote on Mike-Whisper1111, and forgot to ask for tips to get my wife, also a teacher(Mike) to Partake in Twitter! She, Laura, has always thought any type of social media was "wierd". So any tips from anyone would probably help. More manana

Monday, January 4, 2010

German newspaper

I like to read what others are saying about the US, especially when it comes to the Press. Here is an article I found in a German newspaper today. I translated it w/Google translate, so it isnt perfectly translated, but the idea definitely gets across -

By Stephen Lendman, translated by Einar Schlereth for

Today's journalism of the largest mass media consists of biased, irresponsible and sensation-seeking reports that distort the truth to explain exaggerated and false. There is misinformation or agitprop disinformation that comes along in the guise of facts in order to increase the circulation, the readership, viewers or listeners. And beauties lie on important matters, or suppress them unpleasant truths in order to obtain unconditional support for state and / or business interests - to the detriment of the overall value, which is always sacrificed to the profit and imperial goals.

As a result, the major media sources, a daily diet of propaganda that produce are mentioned by the Project Censored (censorship project) as "junk food news" (junk messages), and most people bring this to believe it. In her groundbreaking book create "Manufacturing Consent" (match) Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky explained this as "propaganda model", which controls the public messages, by disturbing truths "filters out" and "leaves behind a purified sentence" for the printing or is fit for sending.

Today the media in crisis and a free and open society is in danger, at a time when facts replace seals, news carefully controlled and dissent marginalized, and the television, radio and print media journalists as the powerful interests Paid liars supporting or "press-prostitute," as the famous journalist George Seldes (1890-1995) called them.

As a result of imperial wars are called wars of liberation. Civil liberties are suppressed for our own good. Important events are not addressed or misrepresented. Government and business interests to be endorsed wholeheartedly. America will always be "wonderfully named". Non-profit social change is seen as heresy. The market is the best, we are told, so leave him alone, and patriotism means supporting lawless and corporate outlaws by, we buy, buy until we fall over.