Friday, January 22, 2010

Dont stop your bitchin, but Fight Positively!

Ok,Ok, we are all pissed at things right now, and rightly so. I wont even mention all the reasons because you know, and I dont want to get off track.
In order to affect Change, we need to offer solutions, so here goes: Put your money where your mouth is! The Religious "Right" does it all the time! Many Republicans do this! They spend their money at places whose principles match theirs! Plain and Simple! This should have been one of our mantras all along, like it has been for them, because IT WORKS!
I used to follow at least weekly before the 2004 election and was very excited that we had that site going for us, but now its gone -
We need "Big Help" in this area right now! We need to put our heads together! Lets research and plan an avenue to fight. We cant just bitch about things going wrong-Lets Fight with companies that are already fighting for our principles, or for whom at least act in most ways we can agree with! You have a choice almost everyday who you support with your money. We do not want to give our money to people or companies who do all the wrong things and give their money to Republican causes. We have to know who these people and companies are! You are probably supporting them now with things you buy everyday!
With the Supreme court decision yesterday, "putting you money where your mouth is" is not only important, but a necessity for our survival.
For all the "Purists" out there: If you needed to buy something and merchant "A" gave 80% of their donations to Republican(or conservative) causes, and Merchant "B" gave 50% equally to both Republican(conservative) and Liberal causes, it a No-Brainer, correct? If not, hit me up with a reply or a tweet. We need to find or start a mercant database for our CHOICE to put our money where our bitchin is!
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