Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Lot of us Knew, but it took a broadcast from Rachel to "Shine the Light" on just how crooked Fox "News" really is

Rachel Maddow's Bombshell, or rather "Cluster Bomb"on her Friday April 2nd evening show was to some of us on the "Left, just a total vindication what we already knew, and that is that Fox "News" along with their "Sources i.e. Drudge Report,, and other lesser known right wing organizations, have been leading a willful Hoax, larger than any I have ever known from media, against multiple groups of people all around the world. From ACORN to Climate Scientists from around the world, from big "stories" to many smaller stories, Rupert Murdoch's empire led by his Fox "News" president Roger Ailes, a former Republican operative, pushed false stories for months and years on multiple TV networks, websites, and "News"papers, until other mainstream media outlets picked up these stories. This gave Fox, Drudge, and other Right wing organizations the credibility and ultimately, the cover they so desired.
After the mainstream media picked up these stories, there was no turning back because of the way they have been operating for many years - Media doesn't correct entire stories. That is, until now, I hope, because a major player in the mainstream media, MSNBC just aired a scathing rebuttal to most all of these Hoaxes, perpetuated even by that network among most all the rest.
Here is the link to that MSNBC Rebuttal -
I will only deal with the 2 main stories below, and will not bore anyone with the details.

1st is ACORN which BradBlog has done a tremendously great job with -
For those who know most of the details to this story, here is the link to the State of California Attorney General's website which includes all the videos from the hoax -
BradBlog deserves more credit than I could ever give them here. They really have done the work that our mainstream media has failed to do: "Is it really this hard for anybody in the corporate media --- the folks who actually get paid to do this job --- to get this story right??"

2nd is "ClimateGate" which involved stolen emails that were suppose to have taken "Most" of the credibility away from the Global Warming Consensus among the worlds Climate Scientists.
For this, I will turn you over to another great Journalist - Allison Kilkenny with her story here -

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